My husband Joe and I are hobby breeders and along with our two children, we
provide our ladies and gentlemen with an abundance of love and attention
resulting in beautiful, healthy and quality puppies.
For years it was our dream to be able to bring our own special cavaliers back
from Ireland. Finally, we were at a point in our lives where we were able to devote
the much required time to be able to care full time for our new arrivals. I am by
profession a registered nurse, but now a stay at home mom for our children and dogs.
I am also blessed as Joe works from home and is available at the drop of a hat when
assistance is needed for day and nighttime deliveries (his favorite time!). We feel truly
blessed to be able to care for and have these beautiful animals as part of our family.
I grew up in the Irish countryside where my parents breed, raise and train
thoroughbred race horses on a farm outside of Wexford. After my two
siblings and I were grown and had left home in the 1980's, my parents
felt lonely and realized that as much as they loved their horses they could
not bring them inside their home. Thus upon learning about the wonderful
companionship qualities of the cavaliers, their grown children were quickly
replaced with three delightful cavaliers! My family and I fell in love with
the breed during our annual visits to my parent's farm. Needless to say, it
did not take long for my family and I to realize why my parents had chosen the
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and felt honored to be replaced
with such a noble creature.
The Eyler Family
Enjoying Summer days in Ireland-   2004
All grown up!   2018
One of these is not like the other!