They do need and enjoy their walks and a fenced in yard is desirable. They
are excellent travelers and love to travel in your vehicle, plane
or any mode of transportation where they can be near you.
Here in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina,  European/American Cavalier
King Charles Spaniels are being bred and hand raised in a family environment.
The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is known for being wonderful
companionship lap dogs. They have kind and gentle dispositions
and do not know a stranger.
Kings and Queens of England originally bred them for sporting. So, although affectionate
and graceful in character, they still entertain an inherent hunting nature and must always
be walked on a leash as they can easily be distracted by a squirrel or critter and, unless
one is good at high speed chasing, it may be very difficult to retrieve your beloved pet.
This breed requires attentive owners and they cannot be left alone for long hours.
However, the Cavalier rewards this effort with unconditional love, affection and
loyalty. They are great with children, seniors and anyone in between!
The Standard size for a Cavalier ranges between 13 and 18 pounds.
Welcome To The Home of Smoky Mt Cavaliers !